Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Short Story Challenge 2016


It's been six months since you last heard from me. My bad. But! I return, as for the third year running, I have participated in a New Year's short story challenge with other writers on the web.

Confession: this year I broke the rules.

I wrote poetry instead.

I wrote poetry for the first time since middle school. Ish.

And it kind of doesn't entirely suck as much as I thought it would.

And as per the rules of the challenge, I now must post what I have written. So. Below is my new poem, Wings of Ink, for your enjoyment. Happy New Year!


Wings of Ink
by Lily Jenness

She flies on wings of ink
Riding paper boats to other worlds
Pages rustling
Stories whispering

She flies on wings of ink
On half-thought metaphors scrawled on old grocery receipts
Ideas jotted crookedly down on lined paper
And stories nibbling on her brain

She flies on wings of ink
Words brought to life
Through heart and thought
And fingers and soul

She flies on wings of ink
Through good and bad
On late nights and rainy afternoons
And in corners of the library

She flies on wings of ink
To other times and different places
Visiting people, going on adventures
And learning things

She flies on wings of ink
Ink laid down by others
Ink penned down herself
Ink written out by friends near and far

She flies on wings of ink
For when her soul is lifted high on printed letters
And her mind is full of imagined sights and sounds and emotions
That is when she feels most like herself