Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The One Lovely Blog Award

Liam, from This Page Intentionally Left Blank, has given me another blog award.  This one is called The One Lovely Blog Award, in case you couldn't figure that out from the title of this post.

This award comes with three rules:
1. You have to thank the person who nominated you on their blog to receive your honor.
2. You have to tell 7 things about yourself and human canoe counts!
3. You have to nominate 15 blogs and then tell them of their nomination!

To these rules I shall comply, though I find myself at a loss as to what "human canoe" is.

So, thanks Liam, for passing this award on to me. 

For the facts:
  1. There are very few TV shows that my family likes that aren't science fiction or murder mysteries. 
  2. My middle name starts with an "M".
  3. I'm typing this with a pony tail holder holding the three middle fingers on my left hand together.  It feels kinda weird.
  4. I can't decide whether to make one of my characters a lord or a beekeeper.  Or both.
  5. I prefer romance stories where one of the romantically entangled gives up fame/fortune to be with the other romantically entangled person.  The only two romance based story ideas I have are like this.  
  6. My favorite song of the week is Peponi by ThePianoGuys, which is a cover of Coldplay's Paradise.
  7. My garden is in desperate need of weeding.  And rain. 
Now I have to nominate.  Hmm.... Liam has nominated most of the blogs I read already.  Fizzle frogs. Well, I won't be able to do 15, but I can do:

The Life of a Teenage Writer
Allison's Bookish Life
Inklined Writers
The Fiction Dairies

Four is all I can think of at the moment, so that is all I shall do.  If I missed your blog, feel free to scream at me in a comment.

That's all for me, chaps.  Have a nice day, and remember to keep an eye out for pink dragons.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June TCWT! Blog Chain: Covers

Today is my turn to post for the Teens Can Write, Too! Monthly blog chain. This month's prompt is: What are some book covers that grab you? Why?

My taste in covers is pretty varied.  Anything with a dragon will capture my attention. For example, the covers of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

From Wikipedia
Honestly, it doesn't get much cooler than dragons.

I like some covers with people on them.   I don't like ones with kissing or holding hands or other romantic yichk on them.

From Goodreads
From Goodreads
From Amazon

These are the covers for the Dark Mirror novels by M. J. Putney.  (Sorry about that weird border around Dark Destiny.  Also, Dark Destiny is number 3, but The Blogger Formatting Demons won't let me put the photos in the correct order without causing other problems). 

I like these covers.  They hint at magic and mystery. And of course the castle on Dark Destiny is awesome.

Other covers with people on them that I like are the covers for the Paranormalcy series by Kiersten White.

(First from Wikipedia, 2nd and 3rd from the author's blog)

I'm not sure why I like these covers, but I do. Maybe it's the colors. Or her hair.

Another series with covers I like is The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel by Michael Scott.

From Wikipedia
I love all the symbols on these.  There are actually two more books in the series, but I didn't want to find pictures of them. 

By These Ten Bones
From Goodreads
Before I sign off, I'm just going to mention something that some of the others in the chain have said. It's often the titles that grab me.  Sometimes the cover will help me decide whether or not to read the book, and sometimes the cover doesn't make a difference, like when I bought By These Ten Bones by Clare B. Dunkle. I bought it because of the title and the blurb (that and it was only 50 cents).  The cover kinda creeps me out.  I haven't read the book yet, so I can't say as to whether the cover fits the book or not.

I think that's all for me.  Be sure to check out the rest of the blog chain!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

DLYCW June - Chad Kintz

This time for Dress Like Your Character Week, I dressed up like my character Chad Kintz from my work in progress The Black Cat Diamond: a Lizzie Evans mystery.  Chad is Lizzie's brother's best friend, and a graffiti artist. (See this post for an interview with him).

This outfit was much simpler than the one for Tori was.  All it consisted of was jeans, the paint splattered shirt (Chad probably wouldn't wear that color, but the design went with the whole graffiti artist thing), and the baseball hat.

My hair was the trickiest part.  I had it up in a ponytail and then flipped it up toward my face so that I got that spiky look. It kept slipping, as you can see, but it worked in the end.

And of course Chad is not a girl.

I didn't really get any insight into Chad's psyche, but for some reason I got an idea of how he smiles. And no, I did not manage to get a photograph of it. 

Well, I think that's about it. Be sure to check for other DLYCW post this week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Dress Like Your Character Week

Hello chaps! Today starts another round of Dress Like Your Character Week (affectionately know as DLYCW), created by the lovely ladies Pheris and Sarah, and myself.  (Can't remember or don't know what DLYCW is?  Check out this post for an explanation. ) Need a review of the rules? Well, here they are:
  • Please refrain from nudity, inappropriate captions and poses in your photos
  • In your post, please link to the host's post, and don't forget to leave a link to your post/blog on it.
  • You do not have to show your face if you don't want to (Here's the link to a website where you can blur your face out if you want)
  • Feel free to invite other participants privately to ensure they are comfortable with participation
  • In your post, tell us how your writing changed when you dressed up, or did something else daring (did you use an accent? We'd love to know!)
  • Spread the word! Tell other people about DLYCW.

I will have my post up soon! In the mean time, check out this video, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Writer in You Blog Hop

The Writer in You Blog Hop is hosted by Katie over at The Fiction Diaries.  In Katie's own words, "This is a blog hop for all you aspiring writers out there. It is a chance to meet other writers and share tips, writing, and experiences, all while gaining new followers for your lovely blog!" Each week she posts a question for answering.  This week's question is:  Do you outline your writing?

I outline the order of the main plot points, like when my main character should find a clue, then I pants what happens in between. Sometimes I'll pants how it happens, if I know where the clue needs to lead, but not what it is or where and how Lizzie (my main character) will find it.
I don't outline the subplots, but that may change if I ever write something with enough twisted subplots to rival Dickens's Bleak House

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Apologies, Death, Etc

So.  I disappeared again.  My apologies.  In order to make it up to my readers, in a few moments I shall present the Alphabet of Death.  The idea for this piece of genius was inspired when my sister and I saw a book entitled "T is for Titanic" at the library. We thought that was kinda funny, so we, along with our parents, made the Alphabet of Death. The writers out there may even be able to use it for brainstorming purposes. Perhaps someone has a character who is serial killer that uses methods of killing that are in alphabetical order.

So, without further ado, I present: The Alphabet of Death!

A is for: Arsenic, asphyxiation, assassination
B is for: Bludgeoned, bored to death
C is for: Cyanide, choked
D is for: Drowning, decapitation
E is for: Electrocution
F is for: Falling, falconry accident
G is for: Gas explosion, garden gnomes
H is for: Hit and run, homicide, hanging
I is for: Injection of poison
J is for: Jealous spouse/lover
K is for: Knife in the back
L is for: Loss of blood
M is for: Murder
N is for: "Natural" causes
O is for: Old age
P is for: Poisoning, pheasants
Q is for: Quicksand
R is for: Radiation sickness
S is for: Suicide, suffocation, strangulation
T is for: Trauma, tar pit
U is for: Upset stomach, umbrella abuse
V is for: Venomous animal bite,
W is for: Wildebeest stampede
X is for: X-ray machine malfunction
Y is for: Yak stampede
Z is for: Zebra stampede

Got any additions?  Let me know in a comment!

While I'm on the death theme, I'll pass on an interesting, if not gruesome, link I got off of my library's website. Coroners reports from 1896 to 1935. Cool, huh? One of my favorite things to do with them is look at what the people had in their pockets when they died. Most didn't have anything, but some did. Very interesting.
Also, the stories are fascinating. Tragic, but...appealing, in a creepy sort of way. For example, in 1928, why did Jefferson P. Kemp (age 69) kill Lucy Barber (age 86) and then himself?  Why did Jefferson want to murder an 86 year old woman? What's the story there? Was he drunk? Had she just revealed to him a horrible secret about the past that enraged him so much he shot her, and then was so horrified at what he'd done that he shot himself? For some reason I find it fun to speculate.
Another thing is the names. Two I got from the coroners reports are Idrell and Lietha. I don't remember how they died.

And on that happy note, I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day.  I'm off to make a clafouti. Yum.