Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun with Notes: Sebastian

You ever have one of those characters that just won't leave you alone? Who butts in during brainstorming sessions or even when you're writing the first draft and says "Hi! This random postman could be me!"?

Mine is Sebastian. Sebastian is going to be the eventual husband of one of the MCs of my WIP. He wasn't supposed to enter my storyworld for a few books to come, but he kept bugging me and bugging me and then the inevitable happened.

He developed a personality.

An awesome personality.

And now I'm as anxious as he is to write about him as he is to be written about.

He will definitely be in the sequel to Noxumbra because I ship him and that MC so hard it hurts.

But before this lovely new development, he was just an annoying plot bunny who would poke his head in random places when I wrote. Below are some snippets about him I've found in various brainstorming docs and revision notes.

[Note: I've replaced the MC's name and the villain's name because spoilers.]


Okay, would [MC] and Co. have met [villain] before the giant climax at the end? If it did, I’d have to introduce more characters. Like [villain]. I could potentially introduce Sebastian, if he’s a criminal. Not sure he should be, though. A world traveler, perhaps, but a criminal… nah. Maybe he’s a postman.


A partner. Who travels a lot, sees the world, and such. Someone like a postman. Someone like Sebastian.
No. We’ve already said we don’t want Seb to be a criminal.
Now what would be really weird is if Seb were a friend of Delly’s.
Seb wouldn’t need to be a criminal to be part of this.


Have Seb bring the letter with the details?  Sigh. Seb. You just won’t go away, will you?


… Is Seb one of the sailors?
No! He’s the postman, remember?
… He could be a sailor…
Do we really want [MC] to end up with a smuggler? Come on, postman is so much better. After all the crud we put her through in this book and the next, she deserves a nice guy who isn’t a criminal.
But reformed criminal is so much more interesting….
Sigh. We’ll deal with this later. 


Could be Seb, if I want to introduce him here.
Curse you, Sebastian. You’re not welcome in this book.


... Maybe this constable is Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN USP/MOORLAND/WHATEVER. How many times do I need to tell you that you are not welcome in this story?
Though I do like the idea of him having a cameo in this book. Bit of foreshadowing.


Random idea: Sebastian was a postman who got shanghaied. He found out something by accident, and then got “recruited” onto [villain]’s ship, and then he switches sides and helps [MC] and Co.
[We argue.]
NOW SHUT UP. WE’VE ARGUED LONG ENOUGH AND I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT THIS ENDING. (Though he is probably right in that I wouldn’t be that mean to poor [MC].)

Though I do like the idea of maybe a sailor switching sides and maybe sticking around for Book 2. (SHUT UP, SEBASTIAN.)


-          I’d kinda like to throw in a reporter. Maybe Sebastian. (DUDE PICK AN IDENTITY AND STICK WITH IT ALREADY.)


Maybe Seb is both a reporter and a mailman.
Yeah, but that means he has to travel, and I’m not sure I want [MC] to have her husband away all the time.
We could break his leg. Make him stay at home.
Uh-huh. How ‘bout we deal with this later?
What if he is a mailman who wants to be a reporter? So he delivers mail to support a writing career.
He’d still go traveling, and I don’t know that I like that.
[MC] could always go with him, but then what if they had a baby? Plus I don’t know that [MC] would like to be on the road all the time. Maybe for a little while, but she’d want to stay in Noxumbra.


In case you were wondering, turns out Sebastian isn't a postman. He's the son of a well-to-do merchant. He's missing one ear and looks like a pirate. (Do you know how hard it is to find pictures of people with missing ears on Pinterest?) MC's friends are going to tease her by calling him "the pirate." My dear Sebastian's been sailing around with his father and brothers since he was a teen, but he's not sure he wants to do that for the rest of his life, though he does enjoy it. 

Have you ever had a character like this? What did he/she do to you? 

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  1. I have one, Maryanne. She's in Bookania, and the problem is ... she's not born yet, but still keeps pestering me to write about her. (I'll let you guess who her parents are. You've met them) I occasionally placate her by writing a snippet or two out of her stories, or even letting her organize some parties on my blog. She managed to talk me into moving up her introduction to the series by one book this summer, so I think she's satisfied. Mostly. She's not yet a year old in this book, but she'll still manage to cause trouble, I'm quite sure.

    Sounds like you have your hands full with Sebastian though!

    1. They have a baby! Aww. <3 Can't wait to read about her.

      Goodness, she sounds just as pestery as Sebastian. :P

    2. Yes! They do! (Well ... they get married in book two so ... it's inevitable.) I can't wait to fully plunge into book 4, which is her first book. (Where she's still not even a year old. Oh, well. At least she won't be pestering me anymore.)

      It is my theory that she actually killed my computer the year before last because I wasn't writing about her. But she's also one of my few characters who never complain no matter what I throw at her, so it comes out.

  2. My character Bryce has changed and pushed to be the main character and now he's making me rewrite most of my first book. XD It'll be worth it because I love him and he's an awesome character, but he started out as a random character that I wasn't even sure I was going to include in the books and now he's one of my babies. ^ ^ Sounds like Seb is equally the handful. XD

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. I can so relate. I wasn't originally going to have a book about Sebastian, but the more he pesters me the more I lean toward him being an eventual MC. Somehow. Not sure how that fits into my overall series plans, but I'm sure he'll find a way around those.

  3. This was great. xD I never really fight it if a character decides to nose his way in, as long as he isn't just useless, so I don't have these oh-so-entertaining arguments.