Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I wish would write another book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  Check out their website to see Top Ten Tuesday posts from other bloggers.

Okay, I could only come up with four this week.  So these are the top four authors I wish would write more books:
1. J. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter. 
2. Jane Austen, author of the best romance novels ever. 
3. Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mocking Bird.
4. Christopher Paolini, author of the Inheritance Cycle.

I'd love to read more by all of them.  Yes, I know Jane is dead and Harper Lee is in her 80's, and it's not likely that either of them will write again.  But maybe J. K. Rowling will write some more.  Christoper Paolini just published the last book of the Inheritance Cycle, so I probably won't see anything from him for a while, but maybe in the long run he'll write some more.


  1. I agree with you about Harper Lee. Did you know the boy 'Dill' in the books turned out to be Truman Capote - another famous American writer?

    I'd like to read more from Mary Stewart.

  2. Mockingbird is the only Lee book I know. :}

    I want more books from Douglas Adams...waaaah.

  3. Great list.

    I had the first three on my list, and completely agree about Christopher Paolini. His work is just so detailed, rich and wonderful.

    Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  4. Margaret Mitchell. Of course she's also dead but hey, it's a wish list right? And sticking with the whole dead author thing...Louisa May Alcott.

    I'm with you on JK Rowling!

  5. Unfortunately, Paolini is a long-term writer, meaning he takes a terribly long time to write anything, unlike some people like Obert Skye (two per year) and Rick Riordan (three/four per two years).

  6. YES. Harper Lee needs to write more. I love her, next to J.K. Rowling and the others. :)

  7. Thanks for commenting everyone!
    Mom: I knew he was a writer, but I'd forgotten which one.
    Teresa: I think Mocking Bird was the only book she ever wrote.
    Kaye and Laura: Thanks!
    Suz: Oh yes, wish away!
    Liam: Yeah, that was another one of the reasons I was so disappointed with the end of Inheritance. I waited three, THREE whole years for that?
    Wordasylum: Great minds think alike.

  8. Books I'm excited to read? One by Lily Jenness!

  9. I heard that JK Rowling is working on something, but it is not a children's or young adult book.