Sunday, February 12, 2012


In my Lizzie Evans series, Lizzie's brother, Tyler, is in a band.  I spent hours (okay, maybe not quite that long) trying to come up with a name for them, be it by playing on a band name generator or by coming up with something on my own.  (Here's my favorite band name generator, it has this box where you can insert a word that you know you want in your band name, and it will create a name that uses that word.  I used the word 'sonic' a lot.)   Here are some of the names I found on the generator:

Charming Fractured
Snapped Celluloid
Redefined December
Defunct Intermission and the Daddies
Starry Cheese
Cobalt on the Voltage
Fellow Envelope
Noodle Mirror
Insane Blimp of the Stuck Wallet
Swollen Sonic and the Bladder Marshmallow
Sonic of the Refried Trial
Sonic Analogy of the Starry Country
Sonic of the Timely Cannibal
Evidence Buzz
Opposition Obvious
The Alloy Havoc
Missile of the Advancing Tenderloin
Flamboyant Newcomer Of The Self-inflicted Tofu
Glazed Sonic Doughnuts (Actually, this one was just 'Glazed Sonic', and I added 'Doughnuts')

Yeah.  Weird.  In some cases hilarious.  And those were just an example.
Then I found a name, and I fell in love with it.  It was Sonic Aftermath.  I know, it's weird, but go do a Google search for the top 40 new bands of 2011 and take a gander at those names.

[insert you doing said Google search here]

Yeah, there's seriously a band called Yuck. 
However, my time with Sonic Aftermath was short lived.  I did a Google search for it and found out that there's already something called Sonic Aftermath; an RPG website forum thing.  I was bummed.  I had thought that was the perfect name, and I couldn't use it.  (The same thing happened to me with Lizzie's favorite ice cream parlor and chocolate shop. I'll have blog posts about my naming adventures with them sometime soonish.)  Here are some of the results I got from the generator while looking for a replacement:

Sonic Chronic
Large Sonic Of The Ice-cold Vanity
Sonic Pumpkin
Sonic Howdy
Seashell Of Sonic
Lethal Sonic
Recycled Sonic
Sonic pasta sauce
Shutdown Of The Sonic Coconut
Sonic Hologram
Weathered Exhaust Of The Bound Scum
Jugs Before Explosion
Jingle Gateway
Proactive Feather
Cheese Of The Minority
Skillet Of The Tired Resin
Exploding Bungle
Ravioli Square
Fifteen Fuzz
Cohesive Grimace
Poisonous Foil
Quasi Smack And The Primary Talk
Frisky Crow And The Ethereal Management

In the end, the replacement I got was not one suggested by the generator.  I Googled lists of cool words, and found the perfect word to pair with 'sonic': Sardoodledom.  Sonic Sardoodledom.  Sardoodledom refers to a play that has an overly contrived and melodramatic plot.  It doesn't really fit with 'sonic', but it sounds great, and it's a lot better than some of those real band's names.  Now I just have to go back through my manuscript and add or change a scene so that it says that Sonic Sardoodledom is Tyler's band's name.

One band name idea I didn't mention earlier was acronyms.  There's an acronym generator made by the same people who made that band name generator.  I have a ton of acronyms for the word 'sonic'.  I may do a post on them later.

(Just out of curiosity, did any of you see the title of this post and automatically insert the word "screwdriver"?)


  1. Guilty! I inserted Screwdriver. ;)

    I actually really like Glazed Sonic Doughnuts. Mmmm....doughnuts....

  2. Yeah, I inserted 'screwdriver'. I need a Doctor Who fix.

  3. I love this! I especially like "Insane Blimp of the Stuck Wallet", "Swollen Sonic and the Bladder Marshmallow", "Missile of the Advancing Tenderloin", "Flamboyant Newcomer Of The Self-inflicted Tofu", "Recycled Sonic", "Shutdown Of The Sonic Coconut", "Weathered Exhaust Of The Bound Scum ", "Cheese Of The Minority", "Skillet Of The Tired Resin", and "Frisky Crow And The Ethereal Management". These are brilliant. I'll have to use that band name generator.