Friday, May 11, 2012

An Important Announcement (Updated!)

 *Edited to add:   DLYCW has officially started!  You have until the 14th to post.  My post is below.  Here's Sarah's Host Post, and Pheris's Host Post.  

 G'day chaps! Sorry I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for the last few days.  You can blame redox reactions and electrochemistry (which is so a word.  Stupid SpellCheck.)
To get on to the purpose of this post, Sarah (author of Comfy Sweaters, Writing, and Fish), Pheris (author of The Word Asylum), and I have teamed up and created Dress Like Your Character Week (DLYCW for short).   What is this, you ask? To put it succinctly, DLYCW is a week in which participants dress up like one (or more) of their characters and post pictures of themselves.  Pretty cool, huh?  Sarah's blog will be hosting, and she will have a host post where participants can comment to leave a link to their DLYCW post.  Not only will this event be full of fun and creativity, but the sharing of links has the potential to increase participants' blogs' readership.  DLYCW starts on May 7th and ends on May 14th.  Participants can post anytime during that week.

If you would like to participate, here are the rules:

  • Please refrain from nudity, inappropriate captions and poses in your photos
  • In your post, please link to the host's post (and don't forget to leave a link to your post/blog on it)
  • You do not have to show your face if you don't want to (Sarah's host post has a link to a website where you can pixelate or blur out your face)
  • Feel free to invite other participants privately to ensure they are comfortable with participation
  • In your post, tell us how your writing changed when you dressed up, or did something else daring (did you use an accent? We'd love to know!)
  • Spread the word! Tell other people about DLYCW.

Here I am dressed up as my character Tori Ingles, from my current work in progress, The Black Cat Diamond: A Lizzie Evans Mystery.  Tori is a guitarist in Lizzie's brother, Tyler's band.  Originally she was a plain Goth, but then she evolved, and now she dresses herself in Goth versions of what the typical country star would wear.

This outfit consists of: the plaid shirt (which is actually the wrong color.  It's a bit too pink for Tori), the jeans, the boots (Remember when I said I had a pair of boots I could channel 3ish characters from?  Those would be they), a chain necklace, and ear-threads with danglies at the end.

Seeing myself in Goth makeup freaks me out.  I don't wear any makeup, except on special occasions.   Though I do admit I rather like the purple highlights. Very Sadie Kane.

The one thing I wish I had was this dragon earring, but alas, it was more than outside my budget. The person that made it has a bunch of dragons, and this cool spiderweb (my second choice for Tori). Oh well, maybe someday.

My writing didn't really change or anything when I dressed up.  I did walk a bit differently, but I always do when I wear those boots. When the pictures were being taken, I didn't allow myself to smile, 'cause Tori wouldn't, which was surprisingly weird.  Lily, the queen of smiling, not smile?  Very odd.

This was lots of fun! Be sure to check out the other DLYCW posts!


  1. This sounds so fun! I really want to do it, but my novel is a mid-evil fantasy and I don't know if I would have time to sew the outfits.
    I might have to pick a different novel
    ~Sarah Faulkner

    1. Yeah, a week's notice is kinda short to sew fantasy-type clothes. I hope you get the chance to participate anyway!

  2. The Host Post is up if you want to direct link to that. :) (Ohmigoodness, I'm excited.)

  3. Hey there! I just got back from my trip, and I'll be posting really soon today. I have a ton to catch up on, but I do have the day off from school, so I'll be here if you have any questions.

    I don't think I'll double post for this--I'll include my picture in my host post as an example. It might take me a minute due to all the updates, but I promise I'll get to as soon as I can.

    So excited to start! Thanks again for all the help.

  4. I swear, I think I have those EXACT. SAME. BOOTS. Anyway, you look AWESOME! Next time I'm going to try something that requires more accessorizing. I'm really excited! :D

    1. Sweet! I love those boots!
      Thanks!! I'm thinking about dressing up like Chad (the graffiti artist) next time. It'll be fun!!

  5. Nice! I love the makeup. I think I'm going to give myself super wide eyes for my character... Mine will be up tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! I've actually gone a bit weirder with her. Once I took eyeliner and put a spiderweb on my eyelid. I was too chicken to do that again and post it.
      I can't wait to see your post!