Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drabble Days: Egg, If, and Frame

I missed two drabble days, so I have combined them and this week's into one drabble:

I put the last tunic in my bag.  I was ready to go.
Ready in property, anyway.  I’d never be ready to leave this place.   I glanced around my room one last time.  My eyes rested on a picture in a silver frame that sat on my nightstand.  Me, Victor, and Pansy all smiling on the day we’d found out we’d be going to the mountains.  If only we’d known then what would happen there.  I turned to my bed and touched the dragon-egg that rested upon it. Touching it sent tingles up my arm.  No more putting it off, it was time to go.  

Not my best, but it felt good to write again.  
Drabble day is a weekly meme created at The Writeaholic's Blog.  This paragraph was based on this prompt, that prompt, and this other prompt


  1. I like that paragraph a lot. What happens to them next?

    1. Don't know. However, I do have a feeling that this isn't the beginning of the story. Possibly the beginning of the sequel, though.