Monday, August 13, 2012

The Ultimate Weapon

SO.  I'm back.  I passed drivers' ed.  Not fun.  Need to work on parallel parking.  Also using full sentences. 


To celebrate my surviving DE, I've decided to post on something dear to my heart.  Something that deserves more credit.

Frying pans.

Think about it. Frying pans are the ultimate weapon. You can use them as a weapon AND as a shield.  AND THEN, when the battle is over, you can cook dinner in it!

What does the ideal battle frying pan look like?  I have no clue.  But here are some ideas.

  • It needs to be made of a nice, wear resistant, easily cleanable, food safe metal.  Preferably with some kind of non-stick, rust proof coating. 
  • For extra battle awesomeness, it could have a dagger that attaches to the handle. 
  • And Celtic scroll work along the sides and bottom, of course. 
 Got any more ideas?  Let me know in a comment!

'Til I post again, live long and prosper.


  1. Maybe some sharp poky things on the bottom, to ensure maximum damage? Also, it should come in a variety of colors and sizes......for those of us who are picky about our weapons. :)

  2. Replies
    1. And going with the whole Tangled thing, I've always wanted to hit someone unconsiouc with a frying pan. It may sound stupid, but especially if I had one of these frying pans, it might be kinda fun!

  3. Tomte is right-- spikes on the bottom are necessary. They wouldn't interfere with the ease of cooking, since they would obviously conduct heat extremely well and extremely evenly to all corners of the pan for perfectly cooked villain-head. The dagger blade on the handle must be inside the handle. Think about it; you're tossing food around in the pan as you cook and accidentally impale yourself on the sharpened handle. Ideal? No. It must be a switchblade sort of thing, for safety reasons.
    If you were going to get into more technologically advanced concepts, you might include some packets in the side that automatically expel poisonous gas, pepper spray, or the perfect Italian seasoning. Just don't get them mixed up.

    1. Ooh, switchblade.... Originally I was thinking something along the lines of a dovetail connection, but switchblade is so much better.

      Mixing those up would be bad. Though it would be fun to watch someone try to defeat an opponent with Italian seasoning.

  4. Frying pans...who knew they'd make such awesome weapons?
    Have you seen Tangled? It's the perfect example of how much damage frying pans can cause. Even when they're in the possession of a girl like Rapunzel... ;)

    1. Oh yes! The idea for this post came to me while I was drying one of my dad's frying pans, and then I remembered Tangled. I meant to include a Tangled reference, but it slipped my mind.

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