Sunday, December 29, 2013

You Know You're a Writer When....

Sarah of Inklined has tagged me in the You Know You're a Writer When tag! To participate in this tag, I have to list four to six signs of being a writer, without knowingly copying anyone else, and then tag as many other bloggers as I want.

You know you're a writer when....

1. You look up pictures of small pox and burn scars on Pinterest.

2. You have a little scribe in your head taking notes about politics/people/human nature/whatever when your parents/other people have conversations in front of you.

3. You sometimes psychoanalyze yourself and the people around you and characters you see in books and movies, and then apply what you learned/figured out to your own characters. 

4. Most of the time you spend on Facebook involves interacting with other writers.

5. You have this morbid fascination for really old cemeteries and the people buried there and their stories.

6. You daydream of people drawing fan art of your characters.

And now to tag people...
Bethany (Thanigan) of Ramblings of a Young Author
Leah (Canon) of Apassionata
Liam of This Page Intentionally Left Blank 
S. Alex Martin (Scalex) of Get it Write Tonight!
And YOU, fair reader, should you wish to participate.

And a lovely day/night/afternoon/whatever to you.