Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TCWT: If I Could Live in a Book...

Hello, chaps.

The Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain is back! This month's prompt is:
Which fictional world would you most like to be a part of, and what role do you think you would fulfill within it?

Oh, this question. It's almost as bad as "What's your favorite book?" or "Who's your favorite character?"

I've read lots of books with cool worlds. For this post, I've narrowed my answer to this question to three.

Hogwarts from J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series
Harry Potter is and shall always be one of my favorite fantasies. I wouldn't mind being an herbology professor at Hogwarts. Or maybe a shopkeeper in Hogsmead or Diagon Alley.

The Enchanted Forest from Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles
I have read these books three times (I think), and I could read them all over again. The Enchanted Forest sits under the Mountains of Morning and is full of cool creatures and witches and people and magic things. I would probably be a witch like the cat-loving Morwen.

Alloy of Law era Scadrial from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series.
Mistborn is my favorite fantasy right now. Alloy of Law is the fourth book in the series, taking place three hundred years after the original trilogy. To avoid spoilers, all I'll say is it's set in an Industrial Revolution kind of setting. If you want more details about this world and magic system, go read Liam's post from earlier in the chain. He explained Scadrial already, so I won't bother doing it too. Not sure what role I'd fill in this society, though.

Hmm. I picked three fantasies. Can't say I'm all that surprised. For a bonus, non-fantasy fourth world, I choose Gone Away Lake from the Gone Away Lake books by Elizabeth Enright, in which two kids find an old, nearly abandoned town next to a dried-up lake. I'd live in Mrs. Brace-Gideon's mansion.

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And a lovely day to you.


  1. Great post. Scadrial is awesome no matter the time period.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the Partials world, though. Broken down world full of dying children and homicidal supersoldiers? ...Oh. True.

    Good picks.

    1. Thanks. Scadrial is cool, especially if you're a Mistborn. I'd just rather not deal with a war.

      I know, you'd think the world of Partials would be right up there on the top of my list. You know how I just LOVE dying children and homicidal supersoldiers...

    2. You guys are scary... *slowly backs away*

      Scadrial is cool.

      ~Robyn Hoode

  2. Oh, yeay for the Gone-Away Lake! (And I've been trying to find out who Patricia Wrede is, then remembered: she's the nice lady who novelized my favorite movies. Oahh yess!)

    1. Someone else who likes Gone Away! Awesome!

      *Does Google search.* I had no idea Patricia Wrede did Star Wars novelizations. Cool!

  3. I've read Harry Potter, of course, but not the other two fantasy series you mentioned! After reading your post, I'd definitely like to...I love cool creatures and magic. :)

    1. Cool! Just to warn you, Mistborn does have some inappropriate content, but thankfully not a lot. The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, on the other hand, are middle grade and (I believe) completely clean. If you read them, I hope you enjoy them!

  4. Hey, you just got tagged in the You Know You're a Writer Tag. You can see the tag here:
    ~Sarah Faulkner

    1. Ooh, I haven't done one of those kind of things in a while! Thanks!

  5. That's tough, every book has their own upsides and downsides. Such as the one I'm about to finish that all i can say is its called sisters with a secret, and i would not want to have their lives.
    I guess whatever book there is that can go back in time or with a genie because there's a lot of stuff i wish i can redo or something. But as we all have learned from back to the future, changing your past can alter your present/future...i guess there is no upside to even that.