Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drabble Day: Game

Thanks to Sarah over at Comfy Sweaters, Writing, and Fish I have discovered a new writing meme: Drabble Day.  Drabble Day is a weekly(ish) meme from The Writeaholic's Blog.   Here's how Drabble Day works: every week there is a one word prompt (this week's prompt is "game") and you write a 100 word (give or take five words) paragraph based on the prompt.  Click here for the link to this week's Drabble Day post over at Writeaholic's.

Here's my drabble:

I looked Linwood in the eye.  “Deal.”
He smiled.  “Vincent!” he shouted to the little man on the dais.  “The game is on.”  Vincent nodded, the scar on his cheek glowing in the filtered light.  Linwood stood and offered me his arm in an attempt to look chivalrous.  I stood and ignored the gesture.   If he had been chivalrous, he wouldn’t have put me in this situation. 
        “Let’s get this over with,” I said.  We walked to the dais, where an assortment of weapons had been laid out.   I picked up a sword, ready to "play" to the death. 

Not my best,  but fun. 

Also, thanks to the lovely folks on the Go Teen Writers Facebook group, I just found free writing courses/exercises things here.  I'll have a post about today's exercise up sometime in the possibly near future.

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