Thursday, June 14, 2012

DLYCW June - Chad Kintz

This time for Dress Like Your Character Week, I dressed up like my character Chad Kintz from my work in progress The Black Cat Diamond: a Lizzie Evans mystery.  Chad is Lizzie's brother's best friend, and a graffiti artist. (See this post for an interview with him).

This outfit was much simpler than the one for Tori was.  All it consisted of was jeans, the paint splattered shirt (Chad probably wouldn't wear that color, but the design went with the whole graffiti artist thing), and the baseball hat.

My hair was the trickiest part.  I had it up in a ponytail and then flipped it up toward my face so that I got that spiky look. It kept slipping, as you can see, but it worked in the end.

And of course Chad is not a girl.

I didn't really get any insight into Chad's psyche, but for some reason I got an idea of how he smiles. And no, I did not manage to get a photograph of it. 

Well, I think that's about it. Be sure to check for other DLYCW post this week!

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