Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dickens and Dragons

Charles Dickens is one of my all time favorite authors.  Last night I finished watching Bleak House for the second time.  *sigh*  Just as good as Jane Austen, if not better.  Dickens really knew how to create a twisted plot with great characters.  The heroine of the story is young Esther Summerson, who grew up as an orphan.  When Esther is an adult, she goes to live as a companion to Miss Ada Clare in Bleak House.  Ada and another young person, Richard Carstone, were wards of the late John Jarndyce, who left multiple wills, and thus a lawsuit as to who should get his money.   Richard and Ada might be recipients of that money.
Bleak House is owned by a relative of John Jarndyce (another John Jarndyce), and he takes the wards under his care, and gets Esther as a companion for Ada.
The story tells about the progress of the lawsuit about the money, Esther's parents, murder, secrets, complicated romance, and of all the many subplots. 
My summary really doesn't do it justice (plus it leaves out most of the subplots), so go read/watch it yourself.  While you're at it, look at Little Dorrit too.  My second favorite Dickens thus far.  Both are brilliant.

Dickens was really good with names.  I've had a post written on his names for a while now, and if I remember, I'll post it soon.

I think that's all I have to say on Dickens at the moment. Time to move on to dragons.
First of all, look over to my side bar.  See where I put a "follow by email" button? You do? Good. What do you think of the heading?  Does it make sense?  Or did I bury the "follow me by email" statement under too many layers of recreational word usage?

Moving on.  Sometime last week I sent my sister a phony email about dragons, and it turned into a rather silly/funny serial of emails about a mission to find pink dragons.  I've been thinking about posting the content of said emails on this here blog.  Here are the first two:

Thank you for subscribing to Dragons Are Awesome! hosted by Annoyingsister!  Your dragon fact of the minute is: According to one source, dragons come in all colors, except for pink. 

My sister's favorite color is pink.  After sending that email, I thought I'd better fix it by sending this:

We at Dragons Are Awesome! (hosted by Annoyingsister) are looking for brave souls to go on the Pink Dragons Exist Mission.  Our goal is to prove once and for all that pink dragons do exist.  This mission is not for the feint of heart, and those with severe medical problems (including but not limited to: bladder trouble, asthma, chocolate allergies, and mental disorders), queasy stomach, aversion to blood, and artificially colored hair are strongly advised to stay home and watch us on TV (the mission will be appearing on National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and Oprah).  To sign up for this noblest of missions, simply respond to this email.  Once you do you will receive a list of supplies that are required on the adventure.
Live long and prosper,
The DAA! team 
I haven't decided on whether I'll continue to post these.  If you would like to give me input, please do so.


  1. LOL! I would love it if you keep posting these!
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  2. They are funny, indeed.
    About the e-mail following button, I'd suggest that you scrap the "this here". It sounds like you switched to a Southern accent all of a sudden. Might as well be speaking with a piece of straw hanging out of your mouth and wearing a pair of overalls stained with an unmentionable substance. I'd suggest something like this:
    "Bespeak thy electronic mail address 'neath these words to be hailed forthwith upon the mighty roar of the dragon residing here!"
    That is what I would do. Perhaps. Personally, I like my Snuggie explanation.

    1. Southern, eh? That wasn't what I was shooting for. I'll scrap the "here" something creative. I'm good with creative. (Sorry, bit of an inside joke there)
      And what is wrong, may I ask, with chewing straw and wearing overalls? Not that I do either, but I identify somewhat with the culture.
      Yes, The Snuggie Subscription is funny.

    2. I'm just saying that that isn't prime dragon-watching, dragon-riding, or dragon-warning uniform. If anything, it's prime gear for warning about exceptionally windy cattle. And dragons, as we know, are not cattle.

    3. Ah, good point. I hadn't thought of that.
      Oh yes, definitely not cattle.
      Also, how did you get the word "not" in italics? I've tried to do that, but haven't figured it out.