Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drabble Day: Soon

Drabble Day is a meme hosted by The Writeaholic's Blog.

Here's my drabble for the prompt "soon":

“Soon” they keep saying, but when?  How is a person supposed to function under this kind of pressure?  “Soon” would have been weeks ago. I’ve been waiting months for this to all be over.  As soon as power is back in the hands of the Assembly I’ll be able to return to my life.  But, what if the power remains with Zarek? Maybe that’s why it’s taking forever; he’s still in control.  If that’s true, then everything is lost.  Rebellion isn’t far off.  Stop thinking like that, Astra.  Everything will be fine.  It has to be. They won’t, they can’t, let Zarek stay in control.  

This is supposed to be Astra thinking to herself, did it read like that?  

This drabble was interesting 'cause instead of coming up with something of the top of my head, Astra (who I'd previously invented and has been hanging around recently) came up and had me write something that would work in her story.  Apparently she wants to be written down.


  1. I understood it, and I like it too! Don't you just love it when characters beg to be written about. I have one minor character who keeps coming out of the shadows and trying to steel the spotlight from my MC. ha ha!
    ~Sarah F.

    1. Yes. Though it can be really annoying to be working on a project with one set of characters and then to have another come begging for your attention.

  2. It was obvious that it was from Astra's thoughts from the first sentence. Very good. I have a feeling, however, that you had all the characters in your head prior to the creation of this tidbit, and not only Astra. True?

    1. Sorta. I have some of the characters. Well, three and a half,including Astra. The half a character is this guy who switches from Zarek's side to the side of the rebels, and though he was one of the first characters from this story to come to me, I still don't know his back story, what he looks like, or even his name. There are other fractions of characters who are in the background of scenes that have come to me, but that's about it. And then there's the original main character, who I think has become a side character. I don't know anything about her other than her general personality.
      Got a bit rambley. Sorry 'bout that. I've had this story percolating in my head for a while, and it just came out.